How To Predict Stocks

To reap the benefits of the PredictWallStreet system, start by making your predictions about which way stock prices will move in the future. Once you enter your stock predictions into our system, the doors will open, giving you access to PredictWallStreet’s stock forecasts, which have beat the market by 5.3 percent, annually.

Our stock forecasting system takes the wisdom of the crowds and refines it, making it more valuable, using patented algorithms that mine and interpret massive amounts of our historical prediction data When you enter your stock predictions , two things happen: First, you are contributing to this massive community data pool, and second, you are benefiting from all the data collected from and the many other sites across the internet that display our widgets and tools.

Making stock predictions at PredictWallStreet is as easy as choosing a red or green button. Start by clicking the “Predict Now” menu option, which will bring you to our prediction page. Then, enter the company name or stock symbol of a stock that interests you. A current quote and a stock chart will appear to help you make your stock prediction. Use that information, your research, your experience with the stock, your knowledge of the news, and/or simply your gut feeling to predict whether the stock is rising or falling.

You don’t need to come up with a specific price when making your prediction. Simply decide whether you think the stock price will be higher or lower than it is now, at the end of the next trading day. Press the green “up” arrow for higher or the red “down” arrow for lower.

This will record your vote and tally the community voting results for that stock. You’ll see what percentage voted “up” and “down.” You’ll also see a crucial additional metric that is PredictWallStreet’s special sauce: the Sentiment Meter. This meter, based on our algorithmic analysis of historical prediction data, shows the community stock forecasting results – whether the community is bullish or bearish compared to their historical opinion of the stock.

This Sentiment Meter is what sets PredictWallStreet apart. Our stock forecasting system not only shows you what the crowd thinks, but also gives you information to help you identify whether the community is bullish or bearish based on their historical biases. You can then decide whether you should follow the crowd, or perhaps go contrarian to the crowd, in your own investing.

If you are interested in data beyond just one day, you can further predict which way the stock will move in a week, a month and in three months. You can also select other companies and enter stock predictors for those. Every time you make another stock forecast, you will gain access to more community data.

Our goal is to make the prediction process fun and addictive. We provide the instant gratification of seeing how your stock predictions compare to everyone else’s predictions. You can also enjoy competing for cash prizes in our stock predicting games. Finally, we release daily market-beating stock forecasts to help you make better trading decisions.

If you are fascinated by the stock market and want to get an edge on your trading, please join us. There is so much to be gained, and all you have to do is click a button.


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