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Are you good at making stock predictions? You can compete to win prizes that are as much as $100, each. PredictWallStreet runs stock forecasting contests every day the market is open. All contests are free, and entering is as simple as choosing between a red button and a green button.

How the Contests Work

Our contest page has a list of the contests that are currently open. Select a contest from the list, and click on the “details” button to view the gameboard.

The gameboards are different for different contests. Some contests, for example, may show 100 stocks on their gameboards and ask you to make stock predictions for 10 of them. Other contests may show you 500 stocks and ask for stock predictors for all of them. Another type of contest asks you to make a stock forecast on any five stocks of your choice in the NASDAQ 100.

You may enter as many contests as you like. You can also return to our site during trading hours every day the market is open, and enter that day’s new contests. There is no limit to how many contests you can participate in at any time, and you can maximize your chances of winning by entering all of them.

How to Make a Stock Forecast

The central action of every PredictWallStreet stock contest is the same: Predict whether a stock price will go up or down, and then simply click a green button for “up” or a red button for “down.”

Most of the contests are daily contests, where you predict whether at the end of the next stock-trading day, the stock price will be higher or lower than it was at the time you made your prediction. Some contests cover several days, giving you a chance to test long-term stock forecasting abilities.


You will also have access to leaderboardsshowing who the best stock predictors are for individual stocks. The leaderboards display people’s overall score for picking the stock, as well as their overall accuracy for that stock.

It’s fun to compete for the top spots. In addition, the leaderboards contain useful information that can help you when entering contests and when making real-money stock trades.

We use patented algorithms to analyze a crowd’s stock-forecasting wisdom. Our system produces stock predictions that beat the market. Access these predictions on the “Predict Now” page. Simply press a green button for “up” or a red button for “down,” exactly the same way you do to enter a contest. This will unlock PredictWallStreet’s predictions for the stock, which you can use to make your contest stock forecast or to make real-life trading decisions.

To make this data even more valuable, combine it with the leaderboard information.

By following the top stock pickers there, you will combine the wisdom of the crowd with the wisdom of the top performers. This one-two punch will give you an edge in your trading decisions and help make you a formidable competitor in the PredictWallStreet contests. Why not try it now?

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