Is Stock Forecasting Accurate?

Some stock forecasts are more accurate than others. Imagine if you had information that told you how accurate the forecasts were. With that kind of information, you would have a powerful tool for making well-informed stock trading decisions.

That is the kind of tool that PredictWallStreet has built. We start by collecting stock predictions made by thousands of people. Some of those predictions will be more accurate than others, for several reasons: Some of the individuals who are making predictions know more about stocks, and some put more time and thought into making their forecasts. In some cases, the accuracy has nothing to do with the individual making the forecast. Instead, it may depend on the stock. The movement of some stocks is easier to predict than the movement of others.

PredictWallStreet’s algorithms analyze huge quantities of past predictions to see how accurate those predictions turned out. Our patented process takes the information gleaned from past stock forecasting and applies it to the current stock predictions made by our community.

Putting together the wisdom of the crowds and our accurate analysis has led to amazing results. Our system produces stock predictions that beat the market.

We encourage you to join our stock forecasting community. It’s very easy to enter your predictions into our system. Simply select a stock and then click a green button if you think the stock price is going to rise, or a red button if you think it will fall.

By entering a prediction, you will instantly contribute to and benefit from our proprietary system. You become a contributor because we add your predictions to all the other predictions made by the community. In this way, your predictions become part of the wisdom of the crowd. You become a beneficiary, because as soon as you enter your stock forecast, we will show you what the community thinks and how accurate the community predictions are likely to be.

Had you traded that information in the past, you could have gotten an edge in your stock trades.

To encourage frequent predictions and to reward our loyal community members, we run free contests with cash prizes every day the market is open. These contests let you test your forecasting skills against those of your peers and have a chance to win as much as $100 per day. Contest leaderboards let you see who, among your peers, are the best stock predictors. You can choose to follow any of your fellow stock predictors and be notified of their picks. That will give you even more information you can use to guide your real-world trades.

The more active you become as a PredictWallStreet community member, the more you will benefit. With PredictWallStreet, you gain from crowd wisdom and stock predictor knowledge. This combined information that has beaten the market by 5.3 percent per year can be yours, too.

Anyone can make a prediction. Just because someone on TV predicts a stock will go up doesn’t mean that it will. Our system helps take the guesswork out of stock forecasting by giving you a numerical rating of each prediction’s accuracy.

How PWS is Connecting Businesses

Many of the leading financial websites display real-time stock forecasting data using PredictWallStreet tools. Have you considered joining them? These dynamic tools will engage your users, provide them with valuable investing information, and keep them coming back to your site for more.

PredictWallStreet content available for our partners’ sites includes trending stock charts and easy-to-read forecasts. The content entices users with interactive features that let them make stock predictions simply by clicking different colored arrows. The user-friendliness and valuable information create an experience  that users find addictive.

PredictWallStreet pools the stock predictions from all users. We tap into the wisdom of the crowd, but that is just the beginning. The data we collect is our raw material. We use proprietary algorithms, developed over many years, along with our huge database of past predictions and their outcomes, to analyze each stock forecast. The information is then instantly fed to users by showing them how the community voted and the vote’s probable accuracy.

We have brought science to the art of stock forecasting by developing a sophisticated system that assigns an accuracy score to every stock forecast made by the community. Together, the combination has produced amazing results. Our system produces stock predictions that have beaten the market consistently over the past 8 years,

This kind of edge provides significant value to your users, a value they will associate with your organization, if they use the tools on your site. It’s an easy way to create good will for your organization and to enhance your brand.

Users actively engage with our tools. The key interaction involves making a stock forecast. Users enjoy the simplicity of the stock forecasting process, as well as the instant gratification of seeing how the community voted and how we rated that vote. Users can also participate in stock forecasting contests, which provide friendly competition and let investors test their prediction skills against those of fellow stock predictors. We maintain a leaderboard and pay cash prizes to motivate users to continue to use our partner sites.

If you partner with us, we will customize our tools to meet the needs of your organization and to blend with your site design. Our tools are attractively and intelligently designed, with information that users can understand at a glance. Using our tools will accomplish several things for your site: It will attract users and keep them coming back to your site, often. It may also encourage trades by providing actionable information.

Website users tend to be fickle. By displaying PredictWallStreet’s tools, you can connect with your users and increase their loyalty. We make it easy to add PredictWallStreet interactive content to your site, taking care of all the details, so that you can focus on what you do best — growing your core business. Please contact us for more information and let us show you why so many leading sites are choosing to display PredictWallStreet content.