2015 – Is a Major Stock Market Decline in the Cards?

Some say 2015 will be another profitable year for corporations and the stock market will climb. Others say that the stock market is near a dangerous top and 2015 could be the year in which it crashes back down to earth. Stock forecasts do not always come true and the smartest investors are not always right. If you pay attention to investor sentiment before you invest, you’ll have a better chance of knowing when it is time to buy or sell a stock.

What do you think will happen? Are you buying or selling stocks? Are you on the sidelines trying to decide which expert to listen to and which stock predictions are likely to come true? At PredictWallStreet, members of the world’s largest and oldest stock prediction community, can share their thoughts on the direction of the broad market or on individual stocks through a simple up or down prediction. You can make stock predictions (whether the closing price will be higher or lower) daily, for the week, for the month, or for the end of a three-month period.

Looking at the bullish argument for near-term stock trends, analysts point to several factors that are positive for the equity market. The Federal Reserve has made it clear that they do not intend to raise short-term interest rates anytime soon. The dollar is very strong against other currencies and overseas investors want to own U.S. stocks. Bonds and CDs offer very small returns and putting your money in precious metals may be a losing proposition. Major corporations are expected to continue to report good earnings in 2015. There are very few alternative investment options that can match the returns of the stock market. So, at least according to some prognosticators, investing in the stock market is the best way to spend your investment dollars.

On the bearish side, analysts are predicting that the market is only months or maybe weeks away from a decline that could take prices down by as much as 50 percent from their current levels. They warn that the market is over-bought and just like 2000 and 2008, the impending correction could be a severe one. Among the reasons that so many think we are set up for a fall is the $18 trillion dollar national debt, the widening division of wealth between the classes (the upper one percent vs. the vanishing middle class), a tightening of the money supply, and continued problems with the global economy.

You’ve heard from the pundits on TV and in the newspapers and probably have formed your own opinion on how the stock market and individual stocks will perform in 2015. Share your prediction for the stock market with the PredictWallStreet community and learn what others are thinking. Use the collective thoughts as a tool to help you make the right investment decisions. No place is better at providing you with real-time market sentiment.